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S.N.A.G. Starting New At Golf

SNAG (Starting New At Golf) is the perfect start for children to learn golf!


A playful approach based on fun improves the learning process in the sports education and creates a postive and challenging atmosphere during the development of the motor skills.


A new and diversified opportunity for kids- and juniorgolf.

Golf is one of the few games where the equipment used by the beginner is exactly the same as the equipment used by the professional. The SNAG Coaching System uses specially designed equipment that helps the beginner progress through the learning curve faster and more effectively.


You will see a greater level of success from all students using this equipment over standard golf equipment. If you look closely at other sports you will find that the equipment is modified to make it easier for the beginner:   

• Cycling uses training wheels on a smooth, flat surface, not the Tour de France.

• Snow skiing uses short wide skies on a bunny slope, not racing skis on the triple black diamond slopes.

• Baseball starts with a tee-ball concept and small fields, not a 95 mph fastball in major league parks.


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