Should I buy a punch card?
ABOUT OUR PUNCH CARD (not for Summer Camps)

Purchase a punch card in person at your visit to It's FUNdamental for $50. Each card has 10 punches and the fee for each class is one punch. You may use these punches at your discretion. For example, you may want to register for a session, but know you'll be out of town for a day or two, or maybe your child has an illness and you need to miss class; with a punch card you don't pay for a class you miss because you won't be there to use a punch. The per class price is a bit more with the card, but it give you more flexibility and control over you schedule. We do ask that you register for classes you attend in advance to prepare and provide all our clients with the best possible experience for their kids!

  • Each class attended is one punch per child. (Exceptions for Special Events) 

  • Each card has 10 punches per card for $50 

  • You can purchase your punch card in person at your first class.

  • Cards can be used for more than one child.