Summer Sports Camp 2020 was AMAZING and FUN!

Our weekday summer sports camps are the highlight of our year, this year was no exception! We held 8 different camps and were privileged to teach over 175 different kids. Thank you to all of you who was awesome, it was inspirational, it was healing and it was FUN!


Each week M-Th from 9-11:30 am June through July at Portal Park we have camps for children ages 3-11. This summer we offered lacrosse, basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, football, baseball and ultimate frisbee; an additional camp is offered for preschoolers called Littles and only goes from 9am-10:30! Our LITTLES camp is intended for those preschoolers who haven't ventured out much and might only be ready for the shorter time away from mom and dad.  Some preschoolers are definitely ready for the longer camp time, AND THAT'S OK.

One of the best features of our summer camps is our affordability and our family discount for additional siblings. A special t-shirt and water bottle are complimentary with your first registration of the summer! 

Come see us next year and BRING YOUR FRIENDS WITH YOU!



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